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Fresh sugarcane and frozen sugarcane sticks

Fresh sugarcane sticks are very good and great for squeezing sugarcane juice but the storage time is not too long. Using frozen sugarcane stalks to make sugarcane juice has many advantages because it is very convenient and has a long shelf life of up to 2 years
Therefore, fresh sugarcane is popular in the domestic market and neighboring areas need less time to transport, frozen sugarcane is very suitable for exporting to markets such as the US, Korea, Europe, etc. .

Why we love producing sugarcane for export

Sugarcane is delicious and nutritious

Sugarcane juice is made from fresh sugarcane or from cleanly grated, frozen cane, of course. Sugarcane juice not only looks beautiful, but it is also extremely good for health. There is many the information of nutritional value of sugarcane juice only so i should not write more here

We produce fresh and frozen sugarcane because we love it

In 2010, I had a chance to visit some sugarcane farms in the Western of Vietnam. I have felt strongly in love with sugarcane. I love sugarcane farms, I love the way farmers grow sugarcane, I love the freshness of sugarcane juice, I love the beautiful color of this juice, I love its taste, I love its sweetness, I love all feature of sugarcane

I have decided to have a factory, just a small factory which I could produce sugar cane stalks and frozen sugar cane juice to bring to people loving sugarcane like me

In 2020, 2021, 2022 we have exported nearly 2,000 tons frozen sugarcane and frozen sugarcane juice to serve sugarcane lovers in USA (California, Washington, New jersey) South Korea, Singapore, France, Poland ,….

We are planning to grow sugarcane organically getting Organic Certificate. We are looking forward to cooperate with individuals and organizations on this business.

How to produce fresh and frozen sugarcane

From a fresh sugarcane growing strongly in a vast sugarcane field to becoming a glass of sugarcane juice you hold in your right hand through many production processes, each process requires correctness and dedication. Here are the steps we produce fresh sugarcane and frozen sugarcane for export

Sugar cane harvesting

At what age should sugarcane be harvested is the best to squeeze sugarcane juice or produce fresh sugarcane and frozen sugarcane? Sugarcane from 8 to 10 months old is the best time to harvest because at this time the sugarcane plant produces the best sugar cane juice, the best flavor, and the most beautiful sugar cane juice color.
If you harvest too early, the sweetness of the sugarcane juice is very poor ( low sweet), the sugar cane juice quickly changes color and the aroma is not good.
If you harvest sugar cane too late, the sugarcane will bloom, leading to poor sweetness, dark yellow sugarcane juice and reduced aroma.
So remember, the best time to harvest sugarcane for juicing or produce frozen sugarcane juice, frozen sugarcane juice is 8 to 10 months old.

Peeling fresh sugarcane

You will have a much nicer, cleaner glass of sugarcane juice if your sugarcane is shaved clean. In the past, we used to peel by hand, a rather laborious and time-consuming job. Currently, we have automatic sugar cane peeling machine. You just put the sugarcane in and the sugarcane is shaved 90% clean. That’s good enough to squeeze out a glass of quality sugarcane juice
At our company Viet Goods Trade, we feel unsatisfied with the cleanliness of sugarcane when only 90% peeled, we have workers to carefully check each sugarcane and plan it again until it is ready. Sugarcane is shaved almost completely clean (99%)
You are assured of quality when using our fresh sugarcane, frozen sugarcane or frozen sugarcane juice


Cutting fresh sugar cane

After fresh sugarcane being peeled clean, the sugarcane is cut into pieces of equal length for convenience during storage, transportation and use. The length of each piece of sugar cane is usually 40-50cm .
During the cutting process, the sugarcane is also removed the parts that are damaged or of poor quality. This helps to improve the quality of the sugarcane before it is pressed to form sugarcane juice

Washing fresh sugarcane

We should use clean water to wash the sugarcane to remove impurities that are sticking to the sugarcane. This is a must-do. However, when the sugarcane comes in contact with water, it will be absorbed inside, which will affect the freshness and quality of the sugar cane juice, so you need to consider whether to wash it or not.

Packing frozen sugarcane

After the sugarcane is peeled, cut into pieces, washed and dried, it will be packed into a carton with a thin PE bag inside to limit the contact between the box and the sugarcane.
We should pack in boxes with a weight of 20kg (44Lbs), 18kg (40Lbs) or 10 Kg (22Lbs). We should not pack in boxes with too much weight, so it will be difficult for the transportation process, and we should not pack fresh or frozen sugar cane in too small cartons because it will be very expensive.


peeling fresh sugar cane stalks
Fresh sugarcane stalks are peeled to make frozen sugarcane

Our Sugarcane Products

currently, our sugarcane factory produces two main product lines, which are sugarcane sticks and frozen sugarcane juice, which are exported to markets such as the US, Germany, Poland, Singapore, Korea, New Zealand, etc.

1. With node fresh and frozen sugarcane Sticks


This cane is suitable for all markets except the US. Because this type of sugarcane only needs to be peeled, cut into suitable length and frozen without cutting the buds or nodes of the sugarcane
Here are the specifications of this sugarcane product:

Type of sugarcane: peeling, frozen

Length: 40 to 50 cm

Brix: 18 up

Packing: 10 or 20 Kg per box with plastic bag inside

Loading: 20ft loads 12 tons, 40ft loads  full 26 tons

frozen sugarcane with node
frozen sugarcane with node is very clean and high quality

2. Frozen Sugarcane Stalks removed buds


Buds-cut frozen sugarcane is a product that meets the requirements of the US market. Sugarcane is not only peeled clean, cut into 40 to 50cm and removed the damaged parts, but also removed the buds of the cane to be eligible for import into the US market according to FDA requirements.
Here are the specifications of this sugarcane product:

Type of sugarcane: peeling, frozen

Length: 40 to 50 cm

Brix: 18 up

Packing: 10 or 20 Kg per box with plastic bag inside

Loading: 20ft loads 12 tons, 40ft loads  full 26 tons

frozen sugar cane sticks removed buds
Fresh and frozen sugar cane sticks removed buds

4. Frozen sugar cane juice


You are a lover of sugarcane juice like us, but you find it annoying to have to go to the sugarcane garden to cut down a sugarcane tree, then need to peel off the sugarcane skin, cut it into 50cm length and need a sugarcane juicer to squeeze to have a delicious and healthy glass of fresh sugarcane juice, then here we have a frozen sugarcane juice product for you
Here are the specifications of this sugarcane product:

Type of sugarcane: peeling, wash, squeeze, filter, packing, quick frozen

Packing: 1 kg/bag, 10 bags per carton

Brix: 18 up

Loading: 20ft loads 10 tons, 40ft loads  full 24 tons

Frozen sugarcane juice

Fresh and frozen sugarcane export volume and our commitment


With love and passion for sugarcane production for export, over 10 years specializing in producing fresh sugarcane, frozen fresh sugarcane and frozen sugarcane juice, now, we are proud to be one of the few factories producing and exporting sugarcane. largest exporter of frozen sugarcane in Vietnam
In the past 3 years, in 2020, 2021, 2022, we exported nearly 2,000 tons of fresh sugarcane, frozen sugarcane and frozen sugarcane juice to the US, Korea, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Singapore, etc.
With a scientific and closed production process, we have created
– Fresh cane export with the best quality and cheapest price in the market
– The best quality and cheapest frozen sugarcane in the market
– Best quality frozen sugarcane juice, cheapest price in the market

Sugarcane market


As shared, every year we export thousands of tons of sugarcane juice and frozen sugarcane to the US and European markets. Of which the US accounts for more than 80%, currently our frozen sugarcane is the most popular in San Jose, Los Angeles, Houston, etc.
We are very grateful for the companionship and support of our customers, we are committed to continuously improve the production capacity and quality of frozen sugarcane and frozen sugarcane juice to better serve our customers.

why choose our sugarcane

We are Sugarcane Exporter

Good Sugarcane

Beautiful color juice, good taste, perfect sweetness and very clean

Cheapest Price

We always offer the cheapest price to our customers

Quality Guaranteed

We 100% guarante the quality of our sugarcane

Sugarcane sticks, very fresh, very clean and very delicious

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  1. Victoria 18/03/2023

    Hello how can I place an order for fresh sugar cane sticks ?

    • Will Le 19/03/2023

      Dear Victoria,
      Thank you so much for your interest in our sugarcane
      I will email to you

  2. Lamdouane 20/03/2023

    How do I make an order for sugar cane?

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      Dear Lamdouane
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    • Will Le 23/03/2023

      Dear Lamdouane,
      I has emailed to you, but it was wrong mail address, could i have your email please?

  3. Raghu karthik 21/03/2023

    Hello, can you email the process to order fresh sugar cane sticks to US and price points please?

    • Will Le 23/03/2023

      Dear Karthik,
      Thank you so much for your interest in our Sugar cane sticks
      I will email you

  4. Vanessa 22/03/2023

    I saw you have San Jose location .
    How can I place orders?
    Can you contact with me?


    • Will Le 23/03/2023

      Dear Vanessa,

      Thank you so much for your comment,
      i will email you the information of frozen sugarcane stalks and frozen sugarcane juice soon

  5. Bob 25/03/2023

    I am on Louisiana and need sugarcane for my juice business. Please let me know if you can ship here

    • Will Le 27/03/2023

      Dear Bob,
      Thank you so much for your inquiry
      We will email to you

    • Han 08/04/2023

      Mình hiện tại sinh sống tại Louisiana và muốn biết về giá cả của mía

      • Will Le 08/04/2023

        Chào chị,
        Cảm ơn chị thật nhiều, em sẽ email chị ạ

  6. Mustafa 27/03/2023

    Hello, I am interested in starting a sugar cane juice business. I am looking for suppliers. I am in Dallas TX. If you please email me.

    • Will Le 29/03/2023

      Dear Mustafa,
      Thank you so much for your inquiry of frozen sugar cane juice
      I will email you the detail

  7. Nam Hoàng 02/04/2023

    Chào a hiện tại e đang sống bên New Zealand, bên a có support vận chuyển sang bên này không ạ?

    • Will Le 05/04/2023

      Em chào anh< em cảm ơn anh đã quan tâm mía bên em em vừa email anh ạ

  8. Selena Nguyen 02/04/2023

    Hey I want order some , let me know how , thanks

    • Will Le 05/04/2023

      Dear Slena,
      Thank you so much for your interest in our sugarcane stalks
      Please check your mail box

  9. Minh Mai 04/04/2023

    Hello, i start a sugar can juice business in Garden Grove, California. I need a supplier. Can you contact me at my email? And Send me your brand’s address in Los Angeles. Thank you.

    • Will Le 05/04/2023

      Dear Hai,
      Thank you so much for your interest,
      I will email you

  10. Kamil 08/04/2023

    Hi do u export in uk ?
    If u so plz contact me

  11. Gwen 09/04/2023

    Mình o California. Lam sao de order sugarcane neu muon so luong nhieu vay ban?

  12. Catrina Mak 09/04/2023

    Hi do u export to SG? If so please contact me, would like monthly supply of sugarcane.

    • Will Le 15/04/2023

      Dear Mak,
      Thank you so much for your interest in our sugarcane stalk
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  13. Tariq Khan 11/04/2023

    Do you export to uk

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